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Craig Hitchens Therapies, located in Dunsborough, Western Australia, offers you the state of the art NESHealth Bio-Energetic Well Being Assessment and Therapy with supporting Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Therapies and miHealth Remedial Bodywork Therapy. Also on offer is Functional Pathology Testing through Nutripath Labs to further help get to the source of YOUR well being problems. Helping YOU achieve your best well being is my passion. I believe good health, well being and happiness is something everyone deserves. Often well being problems need more than one approach to get a positive result. I am able to combine my expertise in bio-energetics, nutrition & natural health care and remedial  therapies to create a natural therapy program to suit YOUR needs be that for pain, injury recovery, chronic tension, fatigue, stress,  poor gut health, low immunity, endocrine issues, or general well being. The aim is to help YOU regain YOUR well being and feel happy about YOUR life. Sessions are charged on a flat hourly rate making it easy to afford to customize your therapeutic needs.

Products and services

NESHealth - Homeopathy 2.0 

Take a new approach to your health and well being through the eyes of NESHealth. This revolutionary approach to health and well being is going to the deepest source of bio-field imbalances that may cause poor health and allows me to help you in restoring balance to your whole being. Include Nutrition and herbal therapy to assist and you have a completely holistic approach to you well being. 

Clinical Nutrition Programs

Clinical nutrition is offered as a stand alone therapy or as an adjunct to your NESHealth Well Being programs or miHealth Remedial Bodywork programs for pain reduction, inflammation reduction and injury recovery. Functional Pathology testing is also offered to ascertain where your imbalances lay and once known, dietary interventions and natural medicines are used to re establish balance.

miHealth Remedial Bodywork

NESHealth miHealth therapy combines my knowledge in many techniques gained from over 15 years of experience in bodywork and my specializing in the use of NESHealth MiHealth PEMFT device. I am truly able to tailor an approach to suit your needs be that an injury or ongoing chronic problem. Talk to me today about how I may be able to assist you in finding some relief from your condition. 

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3 Duffy place
Dunsborough, 6281


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